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Tim Beyers

Writer, investor, business analyst

Tim Beyers covers small business, investing, emerging technology, and entertainment. He writes about the business of comics at his blog, The Full Bleed.

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10 Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold for the Next 50 Years ...

Betting on companies that are both profitable and have a long history of increasing their dividend payments is as good an investment strategy as you'll find. These 10 fit that bill.

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3 Keys to a Great Balance Transfer Card (and 1 Card That Offers ...

If you're burdened by credit card debt, lenders want to help you -- by adding more plastic to your arsenal in the form of a balance transfer card, which offers generous up-front terms for moving your debt. And some of those offers are much more generous than others.

147914 3 super ways you can profit from the new comic book media boom article

3 Super Ways You Can Profit From the New Comic Book Media Boom

Comic book-based media and pop culture enjoying a string of successes like they haven't had in decades. That's good news for the fans -- and for investors looking for a chance at high-flying profits.

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4 Ways You Can Profit From the Zombie Apocalypse - DailyFinance

AMC's "The Walking Dead" is a runaway hit,and its ratings just keep getting bigger. Clearly, America is in a post-apocalyptic mood, as hooked on zombies as we are on vampires. So if you've got the brains, you might want to invest in this undead trend. Here are four stocks to consider before the world ends.

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5 Money-Smart Apps for Business Travelers - DailyFinance

Here's a look at five smartphone apps that can help you make the most of your business travel budget.

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5 Real Businessmen Who Could Follow in Bruce Wayne's Bat-Steps ...

In the final installment of director Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, everything changes for billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne, which got us thinking: Which real-life business leaders could step into Batman's formidable shoes?

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7 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Develop Good Money Habits ...

Low interest rates have made convincing kids to open savings accounts a tougher sell. You can't just tell a 9-year-old to save because it's good for her -- you need an incentive, like prospect of a great return. So here are seven ideas to help your kids profitably put their money to work.

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Apple Employees Rate New CEO Tim Cook Better at the Job than ...

Everyone knows that Apple under Steve Jobs performed wonderfully. But if you ask employees, the Mac maker is doing even better with Tim Cook at the helm. Surprised? You should be.

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Are Comic Books a Smart Investment? - DailyFinance

Rising enthusiasm for comic books has led some to view them as an investment like rare baseball cards or stamps. There's good reason for this: History shows that hard-to-find comics can command huge sums. But should you put your money in the hands of superheroes?

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A Winning Strategy for Saving: These Sites Make It a Game ...

With interest rates so low these days, it's hard to get motivated about putting money into a savings account. But it is important to save, and so services have popped up that use other methods to encourage us. Two in particular -- SaveUp and SmartyPig -- turn saving and paying down debts into a game.

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Banker, Broker, Adviser, Seller: The Best of the Financial Web ...

Tens of millions of Americans take to the Web regularly to do our most important financial business. As we do, the company Corporate Insight is tracking which institutions are offering customers the best new online innovations. Here's what CI found:

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Berkshire's Annual Meeting: Buffett Talks Cancer, Politics, Cheap ...

We have a ringside seat at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. Here's what Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha said in this year's Q&A.

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Beyond Batman: Who Will Be the Next Multiplex Superhero ...

Between Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise and the Harry Potter series, Time Warner raked in more than $9 billion in box office receipts over the past decade. After "The Dark Knight Rises" ends its run, what hero will save movie theaters from the attack of the red ink?

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BlackBerry's Big Blackout: Time to Dump Your RIM Device ...

This week, Research In Motion's Blackberry network suffered a massive outage that spanned continents and cut off the cellular oxygen to millions. Competing phone carriers and handset makers are certain to jump on the chance to woo some of those frustrated customers.

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Credit Card Horror Stories: 5 Ways Scary Plastic Murders Your ...

The credit card market remains plagued by cards built to kill your savings, despite the consumer-friendly reforms of the CARD Act and record-low interest rates for most loans. Here are the five most common ways the worst credit cards prey on unsuspecting consumers.