Tim Beyers

Tim Beyers

Writer, investor, business analyst

Tim Beyers covers small business, investing, emerging technology, and entertainment. He writes about the business of comics at his blog, The Full Bleed.

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Open uri20121102 18562 16wzgw article

How to Make Your Business Dream a Reality | Entrepreneur.com

Coming up with ideas is easy. Executing on them is the hard part. These tips from Scott Belsky can help get you started.

Open uri20121113 22503 ifk33j article

Investors Look to Fund Capital-Light Businesses | Entrepreneur.com

Low startup costs and cheap customer acquisition make web-based startups an attractive investment.

Open uri20121113 22503 ww8yze article

The New Blueprint for Successful VC Funding - Getting Funding ...

Getting venture capital funding is getting more difficult everyday. But here is why a great business idea is only the beginning to get funding for your...

Open uri20121102 18562 1p0uslv article

Trend-Spotter: The Man Behind Silly Bandz | Entrepreneur.com

How Robert Croak turned rubber bands into a craze and his plans for the next big thing.

1412892553 2 seal teams dont acceppt 10 phrasee article

The SEAL Teams Don't Accept These 10 Phrases, and Neither Should You

The cultures of business and the Navy may seem worlds apart, but that doesn't mean the latter can't inspire the workplace....

20141028195100 wal mart eats humble pie after publishing fat girl halloween costumes article

Wal-Mart Eats Humble Pie After Publishing 'Fat Girl' Halloween Costumes

Because plus-sized women aren't 'fat-shamed' enough. Rollback that self-esteem, ladies....