Tim Beyers

Tim Beyers

Writer, investor, business analyst

Tim Beyers covers small business, investing, emerging technology, and entertainment. He writes about the business of comics at his blog, The Full Bleed.

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Working on Funding the Next Big Thing? - Spark Business IQ

Working on Funding the Next Big Thing? - Spark Busi...

Buyinggrowthequitycrowdfunding thumb2 article

Buying Growth With Equity Crowdfunding: Lessons From Those Who’ve Tried It

The internet has made crowdfunding a commonplace method of raising money for business ideas. Here's your guide to farming funds for small business....

Freshtakes part1 thumb article

Fresh Takes Part 1: Young Entrepreneurs Positively Impact Business

Millennials are blazing the trail through innovation. Read the first part of this series on young entrepreneurs and their impact on business....

Makingyourbusinesssocialmedia thumb article

Making Your Business More Innovative with Social Media

What can social media do for your business? With some imagination, there's not much it can't do. Read more about two business owners who make social work....

Freshtakes info thumb article

Fresh Takes Part 5: Young Entrepreneurs on Technology [Infographic]

In the fifth and final chapter of the Fresh Takes series, read how young entrepreneurs are using technology for productivity with this infographic....

Freshtakes thumb article

Fresh Takes Part 2: Young Entrepreneurs on Innovation [Video]

Read this article and watch the included video to hear small business owners talk about how they're embracing technology and moving forward....

Implicationsofpersonalcredit thumb article

The Business Credit Conundrum: How Personal Credit Score Plays a Role In Success

Many business owners are not aware that they even have a business credit score, but it affects your business in ways you can't always see. Here's the scoop....

Cashflowinfo thumb article

The 5 Steps of Managing Cash Flow [Infographic]

Understanding where your cash is going can help you better understand where it doesn't need to be going. This infographic shows the 5 steps your cash takes....

Smallbusinessownerdoes thumbnail article

Owner of LoopRope on Achieving the Unthinkable

When you have a good idea or even an idea that you're passionate about, chase it. Make it come to life. Read about how LoopRope's inventor is taking it home...

Notreadytoretire thumb article

Not Ready to Retire: The Rise of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

Baby boomers may be aging, but they're not retiring just yet. This is a look at the increase in the number of baby boomer entrepreneurs....

Checklistforselectingreitrement thumb article

Checklist for Selecting a Company Retirement Plan

Finding a company retirement plan is essential to keeping employees happy in the long run. Use this checklist to screen potential retirement plans....

Cfm usingperformnance thumb article

Hiring the Right Employees Using the Right Incentives

Everyone could use a strategy or two to help improve their cash flow management. Here is some advice from Rustico Tile and Stone in Austin, TX....

Minwage thumb article

Business Owners Share Thoughts on Raising Minimum Wage

The call for a raise in minimum wage is a hot issue & there's speculation about what it would mean for small businesses so we talked to business owners....

Stepbystepguide thumb article

Ask Nicely (and 5 Other Ways to Get Your Money)

You need your customers and clients to pay you so that you can pay your bills, right? Here are some ways to help you get paid so you can pay....

Howmillennialbusinessownersovercome thumb article

Millennial Business Owners Use Tools to Manage Cash Flow

Younger entrepreneurs and business owners handle cash crunches differently than seasoned business owners. Is one way better than the other? Read more here....